sketch demon

Work In Progress / 12 June 2021

Little sketch i did, inspired by the great @gionakpil and his work.

It would be awesome to print this, if i ever get to it, i might further fix up some things. But for now that’s it.

If you want you can follow me on instagram, or zbc. Hope you like it.

boy with thorn

Work In Progress / 04 June 2021

this will conclude my gesture exercise i did over the past 3 days. it was only a couple hour work but spread throughout couple of days. no detail no nothing, even anatomy is off couple of places, but that wasn't my main focus on this practice.



morning sketch

Work In Progress / 01 June 2021

*appreciate symmetry*


night sketch

Work In Progress / 28 May 2021

  music i was listening to while i was doing this: Sharon van Etten

head sculpt sketch

Work In Progress / 24 February 2021

Work in progress of a clay like head sculpt, i didn't have a particular face in mind it was more like just exploring different forms and features, keeping it rough. Around 1hrs15. Might continue...


another female anatomy study

Work In Progress / 21 February 2021

Many things to fix, it was a quick practice (mainly the pose) dynamesh sculpt. It is more refined a;ready than i intended.

Female lying pose study #2

Work In Progress / 02 February 2021

I think this will conclude my weekend sculpting and skin painting exercise. It was quite the fun, surely I'll do more.


Female lying pose study

Work In Progress / 31 January 2021

This is my work in progress of a lying woman. sculpted in Zbrush without symmetry. I used the reference from Grafit studio's awesome female and knight pack. Pretty cool stuff, you should check it out.

Thanks for looking. 


Work In Progress / 15 November 2020

Here I share my sculpts for the Flippednormals SculptNovember challange.

Week 1

Proteus the greek prophetic sea-God.



Week 2

Ostrich in a hurry

CC Digital Human Contest 2020 - Florida Man -- update v3

Work In Progress / 11 November 2020

Okay so I used WRAP to transfer textures and displacement from xyz map i have to my model. I followed Sefki's video to do it. It's very straight forward and simple, and on if you don't have wrap they offer student version or 30 day trial so you can do it either way, but I can advise you to get it. ( I probably will too after my trial ends)


I fixed up the transferred mesh and checked how the projection worked. After this, I started detailing , using the multi channel face textures form texturingXYZ mixed with a lot of Pablo Gomez's skin brushes. I have most of the stuff on seperate layers to keep everything easily adjustable.

As far as modeling I have left 2 necklaces, and a pair of sunglasses. The next step will be exporting out displacement, normla and cavity maps from Zbrush and start texturing, where I'll mix the XYZ texture with the one from CC and I'm pretty sure I will hand paint most of it.