Work In Progress / 08 October 2021

character sculpt

Work In Progress / 11 September 2021

I started this guy today, haven't worked on the likeness much but he is from a film i like. ;)

Mads update

Work In Progress / 02 August 2021

head sketch #5

Work In Progress / 31 July 2021

Head sketch #4

Work In Progress / 31 July 2021

head sketch #3

Work In Progress / 28 July 2021

jesus return

Work In Progress / 25 July 2021

so far lot of place holders, and full symmetry




Work In Progress / 30 June 2021

Work in progress character sketch i did on the weekend.

Head is based on @vimkerk ‘s model. i wanted to make a portrait just using the model, and i got carried away a bit, and now thinking of making a character. 

The design is influenced by Giger and Syu-ichi Kawata's works.

Update 1.

Update 2.

Made a fairly simple texture in substance painter. I’m happy with the sculpt, i want the sculpt and design drive the appeal of the character rather than the color and super fine surface details.  Now i move onto the head and work on it, and i see the lookdev is gonna take a long time.

This is iray render, substance. 

The Soul Juggler

Work In Progress / 26 June 2021

INspired by the awesome Simon Lee’s sculpt sketch The Soul Juggler. One of my favourite artist creating so awesome concepts so freakin fast. Mine is a budget version of it, for practice purposes. Focused on silhouette & forms. The anatomy is very fictitious  but that’s okay now. 

sketch demon

Work In Progress / 12 June 2021

Little sketch i did, inspired by the great @gionakpil and his work.

It would be awesome to print this, if i ever get to it, i might further fix up some things. But for now that’s it.

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