batman? 3d test printing

Work In Progress / 12 August 2023

something i've been working on for a while, usually i post updates on instagram


Work In Progress / 04 May 2023


Work In Progress / 11 April 2023
side thingy i was working on here and there while doing other bigger projects. usually updates on longer stuff and sketches i post on insta so make sure to follow there.

facehugger wip

Work In Progress / 23 February 2023

doing some facehugger stuff, still dynamesh/sculptirs mess, i need to remesh properly to add final details. i wanted a familiar friend with a slightly unique design.


Work In Progress / 08 February 2023

little nymph i'm sculpting right now, from mannequin i wanted to not separate the mesh at all while sculpting, keep everything together and sculpt in pose from the get go, i don't really know why. Here's some timelaps and a wip shot from blender


Work In Progress / 08 January 2023

A little girl sketch i did in the past 2 days as a break off from a different sculpt i'm working on. I just needed some contrast. so i made this.

More wips and sketches are usually on insta.

abs frame sculpting

Work In Progress / 01 December 2022

sculpted a couple of frames of some ab movement, it has flaws in the motion, these are just quick blendshape defs i made in maya

i made one before, which was maybe even worse you can check it out both on my instagram.


giant hunter wip

Work In Progress / 26 November 2022

little update of this almost forgotten project

sculpted in zbrush in a relaxed A pose, then remeshed and made a quick rig in maya, to try out a couple of poses for it.

now it's back in zbrush and all i have to do is celan up the deformations change some things add details and a bunch of other things :D

Lilith wip

Work In Progress / 21 November 2022

some progress on my lilith sculpt i started a while ago. still wip

Thanks for looking

Troubled Youth Print

News / 06 November 2022

I've printed a while back as a test the model. I cut the head, and keyed, so it's easier to paint if someone wants to. I made it available on my store if you'd like to print it for yourself. I've included a supported lychee file too, but it's pretty simple model to support.

Some images of the print: