pressure print

General / 29 October 2022

Printed the 'pressure' girl 30 cm-s tall. I might prime it and paint at least the hair and sneakers, i'm not sure if i have skin colours at home.


General / 11 June 2022


General / 08 May 2022


General / 04 May 2022

update to the previous sketch

Neversoft eyeball fanart

General / 24 April 2022

I spent so much time with THPS3, and always loved the neversoft intro.


General / 09 November 2021

head sketch #2

General / 25 July 2021

quick sunday chill sculpt

Fatman beyond - Not the hero you deserve, but the hero you get.

General / 19 June 2020

As a kid my favourite superhero was batman. Batman in every form every story. I really liked the batman beyond series on CN as well. I thought i take a stab at one of my heroes and create a not so flattering version of it. He is very lovable and all passion, he is just not.. well.. great. It was great fun. Hope you enjoy it as well. If you want to get a 3D printable version of it head to my gumroad and get it. Share it with me if you print it!