dante wip #2

Work In Progress / 04 April 2022

Well this took a turn.

 I've been wanting to make a piece for a scene in a dream of a friend of mine.

Fighting some kind of invisible or unkillable shadow creature, and passing through a field seeing the devastation that they left, a farmer in his 30-40-s come, and present a headless pigeon, to show the sign of destruction.

I will merge this concept with Dante Alighieri, the famous poet whose work is profound and important. I keep a vague likeness to Dante (sculpted from his death mask) with his signature headwear (and maybe color scheme), but i gave him short slightly worn and torn ( not finished) to contrast the intellectual work of a poet to the physical work a of a farmer.

For the pose i wanted something that i balanced, but it's on the verge of chaos and show some signs of anxiety. Protective of a precious thing.

There's still a ton to work on, so i will continue.